What Defines Beauty In a Woman



It’s interesting to think about the fact that women in other cultures might find the things that we do to be very odd! 

Take tanning, for instance. It’s a very common trend among young American women, to the point that we even have tanning beds and people get skin cancer from tanning too much! Sounds pretty weird now, doesn’t it?

The Netherlands

Now you can have body jewelry...in your eyes! Extraocular implants were developed in the Netherlands and the process involves a licensed ophthalmologist implanting a small piece of platinum molded into the shape of your choice into your eye. But you have to go to the Netherlands to have it done, as it’s the only place where the procedure is actually legal.


Although the practice has been banned for quite some time, foot-binding is still a practice that affects some older Chinese women. 

What was once seen as a symbol of status has given some a lifetime of disabilities. The procedure was a very painful one in which the foot would be broken in different places and folded over in order to appear smaller. Kind of makes your skin crawl, doesn't it?


French women are into the natural look, and we don’t mean simply  “no-makeup makeup." In France, jolie laide is the look, and it means “unconventional beauty.” French women are free to put their concealers and eyebrow pencils away and flaunt their flaws! Pretty refreshing, isn’t it?


Unlike in the US, many Russian women would never be caught dead wearing sweatpants in public. Appearance is everything, and women often spend careful time on their makeup and fashion. 


American beauty standards can seem pretty unrealistic sometimes, so it’s refreshing to see the vastly different standards of other cultures! 

Korean women prefer their skin to be very fair - it’s a beauty standard that goes back ages to when tanned skin was a sign of lower social status. Given that Koreans have such beautiful porcelain skin, it’s really no surprise that Korean skincare products have become so popular in the States!

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